Ekaterina Zhingel
Artist, photographer
With this work, I continue the series "You should hold yourself up». I shot the first part at the beginning of 2020, the second in the end. A series about the chaos of thoughts and emotions that has become part of our everyday life. More
I was photographed against the background of the street and kept this moment for myself. I left no more trace. This photo is the only proof of my short presence at this place. More
If our time was not linear, at one point all events would occur at once. In my opinion, the personification of this physical fantasy is a numbness from fear or anger. More
During quarantine, in isolation, I shoot my apartment every day. The same pictures multiply and overlap each other - like the days in the same place. With this series, I continue the project dedicated to the fantasy of the nonlinearity of time, the possibility of the simultaneity of all events in one physical point. More
The series is devoted to the ideal standard, to which we aspire and whose conformity society requires. We experience pressure in social networks, the Internet, in the media. We must be sociable, beautiful, successful, talented. We must stand out, be bright - like everyone else. The heroes of the series seem like they reach this standard and eventually merge, dissolve in the environment. More
A series “Mirrors” is a conceptual series about the perception of our and another's body, appearance, and image. We see ourselves through how others see us, they see us through what we broadcast. It is possible to spend several hours every day at the mirror, but we still do not have an exact idea of our appearance. More
With Darya Iaromenok
We speak about the theme of artificially broken thinking. There are controversial concepts, ideas, slogans in one head. Our perception of the world is cracked because of abundance of information. We try to recreate the whole image but we can not. It`s like somebody hit us in the back of our heads and broke our perception of the reality. More
According to the theory of relativity there are three space dimensions. But there can be much more of them according to other physical theories. This project is a fantasy about the world in which human brain could sense them all. My series is based on the book by Edwin E. Abbott "Flatland". More
The series is about paranoia and obsessive thoughts. Rabbit relentlessly follows the hero and watches him. The hero, noticing the persecution, is nervous and eventually automatically begins to look everywhere for his enemy, turning the rabbit into a kind of necessity. Thus, the circle closes: the pursued himself becomes the pursuer. More
“Each person is a whole universe”, but unlike the real Universe, it is not difficult to find its borders - this is his body. Achievements of science and medicine allow us to control our physicality more and more: health, appearance, physical capabilities. More
With Darya Iaromenok
Art Residence "Polar day", Nickel, Murmansk Region, Russia
Maps won’t help much if you want to learn something about the country. Okay, you can see a lot, big cities as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, main routes, rivers and all. But there is still a huge empty space in between these key spots you know nothing about. More
The triptych is devoted to one of the sides of any relationships (love, friendship or business), which is dependence. We are glued to each other more or less while we want to or until the glue has dried. More
The series of photos (2017). More
The series of photos (2016). More
The series of portraits display changing external and internal positions, difficulties of self-identification. More
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